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Open Try Outs

  • Millbrae Central Park Millbrae, CA (map)


New to Roller Derby but know how to skate? Think you can pass the WFTDA minimum skills requirements, easy peasy? Join us on January 28th to try out for your spot in the league! Skaters who pass minimum skills will be offered a spot in our skater pool. 


What are the WFTDA Minimum Skills?

  • Basic Skating: Skating Posture, Strides, Crossovers, T-stops, Plow Stops
  • Recovery: Knee taps, knee slides
  • Balance and Agility: Wheel Control, Hopping, Weaving, Transitions 
  • Pack Interactions: Whips, Pushes, Pacing, Dealing with Unexpected Obstacles
  • Blocking: Taking Hits, Positional Blocking, Checks

What happens if I don't pass minimum skills?

Skaters who cannot (yet) pass minimum skills are invited to attend our next boot camp, lovingly called PRG University. The next session starts mid-February. More on PRGU here.

If I am transferring from a different league do I have to attend try outs?

If you're a skater transferring from another league, you do not need to attend try outs! Simply email us at