Whether you're a seasoned skater or if you've never considered yourself an athlete in your life, there is always a place for you at PRD!

Want to Skate with PRD?

Will you be transferring from another league?

Please contact hr@peninsularollerderby.com.

Are you an experienced roller skater that is new to derby? Attend Open Try Outs!

Next open try outs: NOvember 6, 2019 at 7:30pm at 477 lincoln circle, millbrae community center tennis courts

If you've never played derby before but feel pretty comfortable on quad skates, come to our next round of open try outs. Email training@peninsularollerderby.com to sign up for more information. 

What are open try outs? We will take you through a series of skills and test to make sure you are safe to skate with. The Women's Flat Track Derby Association requires all roller derby players to be able to perform a variety of skills. Take a peek at the official WFTDA minimum skills requirements PDF. If they seem like they are within your skill set we'd LOVE to see you at our open try outs!

Anyone who does not pass their minimum skills during open try outs is encouraged to enroll in the next session of PRDUniversity.

Visiting Skaters

If you'll be visiting the area and are looking for somewhere to skate, we'd love to skate with you!