Equipment: I wear Antik orange leather with pink suede boots with revenge plates. I have big bloc toe stops and I switch wheels between Reckless Morph 91/95s and Reckless Morph 93/97s. My pads are a mix of 187s and Triple 8s. I love my S-1 black and maroon helmet (one for home team and one for travel team). Sisu white mouth guard is the only way to go because when you smile for pictures, your teeth are so white!

Story behind your derby name and number: Moose-a-rita: Years before I started derby, Bear Witness 11:11 (Santiago, my husband) called me “Moosie” after I explained to him that when I was in 7th grade and the tallest person in the school, people made fun of me because I was also a bit awkward. I decided to reclaim the name since moose are bad-ass animals. So, I took my favorite animal and my favorite drink, margarita (which is also my mother in law’s name) and merged the two together.

I wear the #71 for both my parents since it is the year that I was born and because #13 was taken when I first joined PRG.

Position: Both but prefer jamming

Height: 5’10, 6’2 in skates

Love: I love derby because it’s the only sport that I know of that is full contact for women AND on skates!!! It’s fast paced, offensive and defense at the same time, and you cannot function without all the help of your other teammates. The jammer may get to WEAR the star, but she is not the only star on the team; everyone plays a major role in game.

Love less: Every sport has its set of injuries. What I don’t love about derby is that no matter WHO you are or at what level you play, you are bound to get injured. It’s not IF you get injured, it’s WHEN…from a newbie in boot camp to Demanda Riot on the banked track. I was out for 15 months after ACL reconstructive surgery on my right knee; I was miserable without skating! So my least favorite part is NOT being able to play because of injury.

Derby mantra: I’m going to skate until the wheels fall off!

Derby song: “Raise Your Glass” by P!NK

Derby hero: I have several. First and foremost, Demanda Riot because she is just totally bad-ass and she has transformed her skating since she has been with BAD. Then I LOVE watching Scald Eagle jam…just AMAZING!!! Next, I love V-Diva because she is a pusher when she jams, like me. And two ladies that cannot only skate wonderfully well, but can also break it down for you: Stef Mainey and Carmen Getsome. However, my biggest derby heroes are my teammates in PRG because they make it fun to come to practice and help me improve as a player.