A letter to our fans...

The Redwood Roller Rink is closing, but the Peninsula Roller Girls are still here!

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the Redwood Roller Rink, home of the Peninsula Roller Girls and Peninsula Junior Derby, will be closing its doors after 50 years on September 30th 2017.  We would like to thank Jim and Suzie for all their hard work to keep the rink open all these years. We especially would like to thank Suzie for keeping up Jim’s legacy through the rink after his passing.

Though this is sad news, PRG is just getting started. As a group of strong, confident, and passionate skaters, we will find a new place to call home. That being said, we would love your help in finding a new space! We welcome any ideas or leads on potential new spaces for us to keep rolling. If you know of any open spaces (indoors or outdoors) that would like to earn some extra money and host PRG's weekly on skates practices please email us at info@peninsularollergirls.org.

Check out the required specs and FAQ below for more information as to what kind of space we are looking for.

Our league enables people to feel confident and strong. Skaters transform themselves by building their athleticism and embracing new challenges. Our culture encourages female and LGBTQ empowerment, physical fitness, fun, and community engagement. Through the Peninsula Roller Girls’ and Peninsula Junior Derby’s roller derby programs we have given hundreds of individuals the opportunity to grow and positively challenge themselves, both on and off skates. We welcome skaters of all levels, and we embrace diversity of age, racial and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical ability among our league members.

Peninsula Roller Girls and Peninsula Junior Derby are excited about the next phase of our journey. We will continue skating,  fundraising, and community outreach as we search for a new home. Thank you to those who have supported Peninsula Roller Girls and Peninsula Junior Derby over the years. We know that with the help and strength of our community, we will land on our skates in no time!

New Location Specs & FAQ:

Are the Peninsula Roller Girls roller derby league looking for office space, or a place to train and compete?

Both - a single location where we can train, compete and then also have a few rooms for storage or locker rooms. Warehouse type space is ideal, but it could be an office space if we have an open enough area to put a track. 

For on-skate practices:

  • About 8,000+ sq feet of floor space

  • Warehouse-type space is ideal, but other derby leagues have been known to skate on basketball courts, high school gyms, wooden community center floors, polished concrete, and sport court
  • About 3 office/storage rooms would be nice, but not required
  • Located on the SF Peninsula

For game/bout venues:

  • About 8,000 sq feet of floor space (the track is 75' x 108')

  • If empty warehouse/office, ~20,000 sq feet total, with limited support posts. We can center the track around them, but there needs to be ~40 feet between the posts.
  • Seating for 300-500 spectators
  • Electricity
  • Locker Rooms if available
  • Restrooms
  • Ability to serve food and beverages including alcohol
  • Ample parking
  • PRG provides the following at bouts:
    • 2 EMTs
    • 1 Security Guard
    • Licensed bartenders
    • Scoreboard equipment
    • Staff for running the event

How long do you need the space for?

Our practices are usually about two hours long. For games, the total rental time is usually four to five hours. If we needed to lay a track, total rental time would be closer to seven to eight hours. Our ideal practice times are weekday evenings and on the weekend. Our ideal game times are Saturday evenings (5p-11p), but Friday evening or a matinee event on a Saturday or Sunday could work too.

Do you set up your own floor?

PRG skates on non-marking, rubber wheels and toe-stops, and have non-marking, white capped elbow and knee pads. There are many videos of teams skating on gym floors without issues. But we can lay out our own track if needed. Doing so would add roughly 90 minutes on both ends of the rental.

Rent or to buy?

Rent! We've got around 60 skaters who all pay monthly dues.

Are you still looking for sponsors?

Heck yes! Email us at info@peninsularollergirls.org

Want to help but don't have any leads on spaces? Consider donating!