Slam Andreas Aims to Shake Things Up at Brandies

PRG’s travel team, Slam Andreas, heads to Greely, Colorado this weekend for the Brandies tournament, hosted by the Slaughterhouse Derby Girls.

I recently caught up with travel team captains Claw Breakher, Celia Fate and Pax Punches to learn about their hopes for the season.

Pax Punches is a five-year travel team veteran who says she is looking forward to having fun and working hard this season. Drilling a small number of go-to strategies is a high priority under her leadership.

Celia Fate is a new addition to the travel team, who is already making her mark. She says the heightened level of game play and strategy required to play against other leagues, as well as the opportunity to meet new skaters and volunteers are the best parts of travel team so far, and she’s excited to be one of several skaters making their travel team debuts this season.

Rounding out the trio, with three years of travel team experience, Claw Breakher stressed the importance of building trust and spending time together both on and off the track to build team cohesion, especially with several new skaters in the mix. She also noted, with a shout-out to PRG’s training committee, how quickly new skaters advance their skills these days.

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